Did Someone Say… Web?


As my new cycle begins, I will venture into the web; I’m a WebEditor, woah. This is rather exciting and despite not wanting to leave photo – momentarily – I’m fairly pleased with this change. I’m assuming this section will fall into a similar category I once mentioned before: joy.

In no way, shape, or form, do I consider myself anywhere near tech savvy. I do, however, find the value in extending my knowledge to a variety of media; for it is our future. Media matters: it lures people towards what needs to be said (which, presumably, I will need to learn the proper format for).

Aside from the work itself, I will admit that I’m fairly intimidated to begin working in this section simply due to the fact that I am a stranger. Yes, I understand that, for the most part, everyone deals with working with people they have never met before; I understand that I am not the only one with that issue. Being so, I find it rather natural and 100-percent acceptable to feel this way. It’s human nature! I am allowed to be anxious when it comes to do anything that is not independent. That being said, I also tend to think that this (what some might call, irrational) fear of mine will only disparage me when it comes down to how I overcome it.

Will I shy away and continue to keep to myself? Or will I break out of my pertinacity and challenge myself to use my voice? Let’s find out.



What’s to Come


For the upcoming cycle, I would like to get the experience of writing. While typically refraining from allowing eyes to view my words, I hope that journalism will disseminate a sense of confidence in terms of what I write. Perhaps, as stated before, I would like to work with opinion. I feel that, if not fully engrossed in a topic, writing can be viewed as more of an assignment over an enjoyable outlet; I believe that the freedom of writing for opinion will ensure said joy.

Of course, I think of myself as fairly opinionated. Based off my character, however, I tend to keep said opinions to myself. Writing is a way to amplify my voice without using my voice – at least, that is how I prefer to perceive it.

I believe that opinon would be a solid choice to help me flourish; imagine what it would be like to break out of your cocoon.


Around the World


Growing up, Kaleigh Schone lived the reverie of many. Grateful for the valor of Spencer Schone, a dedicated member of the Navy since 2000, Schone can recall her multifarious travels – Including Japan, Italy and Virginia – and places once called “home”. Now settled in Carlsbad, California, Schone can consider herself widely cultured with a bevy of memories to reflect on.

“I got to see different cultures and get to experience a lot of things that other people haven’t,” Schone said.

At the ripe age of three, Schone found herself in Naples, Italy. While her memories are truncated, she can reminisce on her childhood in Okinawa, Japan. As any nine year old would, Schone enjoyed her capricious visits in Pineapple Park with her family.

“[Pineapple Park] is such a cool place, I love it,” Schone said.

Continuously grateful for her situation, Kaleigh shares her experiences with others while expressing her love for each place she has previously adapted to.

“I would be happy to go back,” Schone said.

Admittedly, Schone expresses the lifestyle she prefers; which is at home, in Carlsbad, California.

“I like it here most, It feels like home,” Schone said.

When it comes to traveling, many go abroad during the peak of their life; Kaleigh Schone gathered these memories that would allow her to live with them while still growing up. Being educated on the world around her, Schone can rely on her knowledge to allow her to grow into a bright woman with a bright future.

Looking Into a Lens


For my first cycle, I dove into the world of photography. In complete honesty, once assigned this rotation, I became overwrought. Considering that I had never handled a camera worth more than my life, I accepted each assignment with apprehension. Thankfully, with overweening help from Kalli, my knowledge of each setting and lens grew extensively. I also believe, quite surprisingly, this section added to my character.

As I attended a handful of sports games, adjusting shutter speeds and ISO counts became essential; both of which, I had never even heard of before taking journalism. Being attentive to the action is vital to capture a memorable moment. Before being the person behind the lens, I never took into consideration the purpose behind sports photos: to get the view that one would never see unless standing in your place.

Throughout spirit week, it was interesting to see the multifarious reactions. While some appeared to be rebarbative, others loved the limelight. For this cycle, I was able to adapt to the community of LCC; surprisingly, I grew to become quite gregarious. While this is simply the first rotation, I´m glad I was given the opportunity to become social in this manner. While fully aware of the importance of interviews for future cycles, photography gave me a base on how to introduce myself to new people while giving them the obvious choice to open up. I found ways to establish a capricious aura; by doing so, students were quick to be themselves – the best version of themselves. I´m elated to know that I was able to capture said variants.

Hoping to take what I´ve earned from photo, I wish to apply that to the future rotations. While I was attentive to each shot blinded by the flash of a camera, I want to be as attentive to my wording and those I´ve chosen to interview. I feel as if I applied an amount of effort into each assignment that I can be proud of; I want to continue to be proud of my effort in future cycles.