Around the World


Growing up, Kaleigh Schone lived the reverie of many. Grateful for the valor of Spencer Schone, a dedicated member of the Navy since 2000, Schone can recall her multifarious travels – Including Japan, Italy and Virginia – and places once called “home”. Now settled in Carlsbad, California, Schone can consider herself widely cultured with a bevy of memories to reflect on.

“I got to see different cultures and get to experience a lot of things that other people haven’t,” Schone said.

At the ripe age of three, Schone found herself in Naples, Italy. While her memories are truncated, she can reminisce on her childhood in Okinawa, Japan. As any nine year old would, Schone enjoyed her capricious visits in Pineapple Park with her family.

“[Pineapple Park] is such a cool place, I love it,” Schone said.

Continuously grateful for her situation, Kaleigh shares her experiences with others while expressing her love for each place she has previously adapted to.

“I would be happy to go back,” Schone said.

Admittedly, Schone expresses the lifestyle she prefers; which is at home, in Carlsbad, California.

“I like it here most, It feels like home,” Schone said.

When it comes to traveling, many go abroad during the peak of their life; Kaleigh Schone gathered these memories that would allow her to live with them while still growing up. Being educated on the world around her, Schone can rely on her knowledge to allow her to grow into a bright woman with a bright future.


One thought on “Around the World

  1. Nataly- great story (love the title of your blog btw– fabulous!). You definitely got the structure of a news story down 100-percent!! Tips- use your own words instead of things like reverie and valor… I know you were trying to say dream and bravery and those feel more natural and genuine. Your writing should reflect you. 🙂 I look forward to reading more!!

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