Did Someone Say… Web?


As my new cycle begins, I will venture into the web; I’m a WebEditor, woah. This is rather exciting and despite not wanting to leave photo – momentarily – I’m fairly pleased with this change. I’m assuming this section will fall into a similar category I once mentioned before: joy.

In no way, shape, or form, do I consider myself anywhere near tech savvy. I do, however, find the value in extending my knowledge to a variety of media; for it is our future. Media matters: it lures people towards what needs to be said (which, presumably, I will need to learn the proper format for).

Aside from the work itself, I will admit that I’m fairly intimidated to begin working in this section simply due to the fact that I am a stranger. Yes, I understand that, for the most part, everyone deals with working with people they have never met before; I understand that I am not the only one with that issue. Being so, I find it rather natural and 100-percent acceptable to feel this way. It’s human nature! I am allowed to be anxious when it comes to do anything that is not independent. That being said, I also tend to think that this (what some might call, irrational) fear of mine will only disparage me when it comes down to how I overcome it.

Will I shy away and continue to keep to myself? Or will I break out of my pertinacity and challenge myself to use my voice? Let’s find out.


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