Internet Kidzzzz


Tom Mallory is just about everything I want to be in a person; hands down–not necessarily because of his profession or the pressed blazer that he sported, but because of the passion he had when he spoke to us. Honestly, I don’t know how to fully explain it but the fact that he had found something that he loved enough to share with it others excites me. I want to find something like that for myself one day.

Something that I personally enjoyed was that he asked us questions–guests don’t do that. Most of the time, no one bothers to muster up anything and the guests leaves on a rather low note. That didn’t happen this time; this time, he flipped the script on us and we were the ones under the spotlight.

We were asked where we get our news. Of course, we got it from the internet; everyone is done on the internet now–we’re internet kids. Now, this isn’t a bad thing. It really isn’t, edification is a fantastic thing & its how we, as a society, continue to survive.

The issue is, as Mallory explained, news isn’t limited anymore. Well, maybe “issue” isn’t the proper term  to use here. All this really means is that news sources are competing with the whole world at this point. Journalists now have to work harder to win this competition–they, we, have motivation now to produce quality content to stand out from the rest:

You have to develop your voice.

LCC’s journalism team is developing, for sure. And as we’re developing, I think we need to continue to have a voice–not that we don’t currently, but it’s always a good reminder. You can’t be told this enough times, it’s impossible.

The least I can say is we were lucky to have a guest like Tom Mallory.