who am i

nataly (no middle name; i know, its devastating) aviles: while i like to believe im 47, i am merely 15 years old pisces. if seen in public, there will be ink smudges along my arms and hands; for dirty fingers create a clean mind. earbuds blasting keaton henson in order to block out potential ignorace. capricious, self-cut bangs that were the outcome of a late night. jeans way too similar to my grandpa’s to be fashionable. a mind of love & equality. and, quite possibly, crumbs from saltine crackers that ease my vegan tummy scattered across my rop.

this blog is simply for the multifarious assignments given throughout my journalism course. considering that some might find that discouraging, i dont. the focus shouldnt be limited to the purpose behind this blog, but the purpose behind that purpose; i selected journalism because i long to write. i want to write for the rest of my life. whether its poetry or an interview, i want to write. so, this is what im doing – now, let your eyes roam.