Adding Up The Future


While venturing alongside me in web, Freshman Colby Roberts finds numbers and algorithms on his mind and in his future. Aside from the obvious liking of writing – by enrolling in journalism for his first year of high school, Roberts expresses his enjoy for the simplicity behind mathematics.

“Most of the time,” Roberts said, “there is only one answer.”

Roberts believes that because the subject is reasonably straighfoward, it is also the one answer for his future.

“It’s more reliable. You wouldn’t lose your job just because you’re not as good as someone else,” Roberts said.

When asked about said job, Roberts found himself distant from teaching others in comparison to providing for others.

“I don’t see myself as a teacher,” Roberts said, “but an accountant.

It is clear to see that, despite being a freshman, thinking about the path that lies ahead is nothing new for Roberts.

“Really, I’m going to be a lawyer in the future. I might do a profession that uses both math and law because I enjoy each of them,” Roberts said. “If I minored in math but majored in law, that would be great.”

By setting a clear path to his interets, Roberts is able to focus on what will benefit him as he grows with little doubt; it is never too late to take a glance into your future.