Mexican in ‘Merica


How did we let this happen? How? I just can’t wrap my head around how we let this man, Donald Trump (although I’m more than positive that you know his name for not so positive reasons), win the 2016 election. How did we let this happen?

If you’re a Trump supporter, congradulations; it’s best to point out that this blog – more so rant – will most definitely not add to your party. I would suggest you move along, and I don’t feel bad about it since this is my blog. Therefore, I should be allowed to post what I want; by all means, you have the same right as well, so put your fingers to use — except, the last time you did that, we ended up with Trump as our president-in-line.

This election, in its entirety, that put the people around us into perspective. Taking that into consideration, I’m not mad at America; I’m sad for us. I’m sad that, at this day and age, people like Trump can be praised for setting us back as a society. I’m sad that throughout his entire campaign, Trump’s wrong-doings still had to be explained as to why they were wrong. I’m sad that, despite disregarding everything this country is striving for, the people still chose him.

Now, I understand that, ultimately, I’m not a politician. While my pertinacity hate to admit it, I don’t know everything; I’m 15 years old. The fact that I’m 15 years old and found it necessary to write this tangent out at 4 in the morning, however, should say a lot about this man. I’m not white. I’m mexican. Yes, I know that this shouldn’t mean anything in terms of an election, but it does.

If you were to know anything about Donald Trump, it would be of his inexorable slander. The man, despite trying to go back on his words, does not represent ‘minorities’. Aside from how sad it is that I should have any reason to think of myself as a ‘minority’, that is the way Trump views anyone who is not white; there is no denying it. I am 15 years old. I am still growing up, and I should not have to grow up listening to Donald Trump tell me that my people are “not sending over [our] best.” That my people are “bringing drugs,” “bringing crime,” and are “rapists”.

I am aware of my worth. I know my value, and I know that I am not any of those things – nor will I ever. There are other people my age, unfortunately, that do not. I have seen too many people – of a variety of races – be influenced by what prejudice media feeds to them. If someone grows up being told that they will only ever support a stereotype, it will be the most difficult thing to do the opposite; being a stereotype is all they’ve ever known so how can we, as a society, expect them to do anything different? There will never be evolvement in our country if we do not let it happen — Donald Trump will not let it happen.

I believe that I have lived in more than enough areas to be aware of this race division; yes, it still exists and, big surprise: if you are not white, you’re not the main priority. In no way, shape, or form, should this be the truth and it weighs on my heart to know that our president is only deepening this division.

I mean, to each their own but that does not mean I need to respect your opinion. To be frank, I don’t respect a chauvinistic man’s opinion, and I find it rather difficult to respect those who do (and no, that doesn’t mean I attack Trump supporters; despite what he says, I, a mexican, have morals). If you are representing a country, you should represent everyone that resides in it. Trump, take notes.