A Quotidian of Effort


I am shocked. Completely shocked. Entering this cycle, I was overwhelmed with worries: from working with new people to producing quick-paced stories;I’m pretty sure it would even be safe to say I was on the verge of being the next 2007 Britney once assigned to work on web. With this rotation, however,  learned a lot more about myself and my work ethic in a more than positive way. I most definitely got to work outside of my comfort zone, talk/interview so many people on campus, and began to write in news format for the first time.

I found myself talking to people in my section much quicker the second time around; I thank working in photo beforehand for this – as my character grew gregarious from the experience. This attitude also applied to my interviews.

Walking into my first interview, 2007 Britney suddenly became more intriguing. Considering that web stories ranged from twenty minute conversations to asking students simple, quick questions around campus, I’d like to believe that I won’t be shaving my head anytime soon. If anything, interviews have become one of my favorite parts of journalism.

Once again, I am shocked. Completely shocked.

My next cycle choice, however, is not much of a shock: Opinion.

Considering that I have yet to write for print, I think the process would be rather interesting; will my 2007 Britney phase return? Most likely. Writing for print and opinion, however, has seemed to be my main goal for journalism; either way, I’m more than happy with my development in journalism as a whole.


Adding Up The Future


While venturing alongside me in web, Freshman Colby Roberts finds numbers and algorithms on his mind and in his future. Aside from the obvious liking of writing – by enrolling in journalism for his first year of high school, Roberts expresses his enjoy for the simplicity behind mathematics.

“Most of the time,” Roberts said, “there is only one answer.”

Roberts believes that because the subject is reasonably straighfoward, it is also the one answer for his future.

“It’s more reliable. You wouldn’t lose your job just because you’re not as good as someone else,” Roberts said.

When asked about said job, Roberts found himself distant from teaching others in comparison to providing for others.

“I don’t see myself as a teacher,” Roberts said, “but an accountant.

It is clear to see that, despite being a freshman, thinking about the path that lies ahead is nothing new for Roberts.

“Really, I’m going to be a lawyer in the future. I might do a profession that uses both math and law because I enjoy each of them,” Roberts said. “If I minored in math but majored in law, that would be great.”

By setting a clear path to his interets, Roberts is able to focus on what will benefit him as he grows with little doubt; it is never too late to take a glance into your future.

Did Someone Say… Web?


As my new cycle begins, I will venture into the web; I’m a WebEditor, woah. This is rather exciting and despite not wanting to leave photo – momentarily – I’m fairly pleased with this change. I’m assuming this section will fall into a similar category I once mentioned before: joy.

In no way, shape, or form, do I consider myself anywhere near tech savvy. I do, however, find the value in extending my knowledge to a variety of media; for it is our future. Media matters: it lures people towards what needs to be said (which, presumably, I will need to learn the proper format for).

Aside from the work itself, I will admit that I’m fairly intimidated to begin working in this section simply due to the fact that I am a stranger. Yes, I understand that, for the most part, everyone deals with working with people they have never met before; I understand that I am not the only one with that issue. Being so, I find it rather natural and 100-percent acceptable to feel this way. It’s human nature! I am allowed to be anxious when it comes to do anything that is not independent. That being said, I also tend to think that this (what some might call, irrational) fear of mine will only disparage me when it comes down to how I overcome it.

Will I shy away and continue to keep to myself? Or will I break out of my pertinacity and challenge myself to use my voice? Let’s find out.